Access Plane

Role-based access controls

Remoteler RBAC lets your security team manage access to computing infrastructure. RBAC works in conjunction with a single sign-on (SSO) against a central identity provider such as Okta, ADFS, or any other SAML provider.

RBAC for Infrastructure

Remoteler RBAC is used to secure the infrastructure and meet compliance requirements around privileged (SSH) access. Specifically, it enables security and systems engineers to enforce security and compliance policies such as:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Integrating with company-wide SSO enables two-factor authentication (2FA) for SSH sessions using the same access control plane, simplifying management and audit.

Enforce infrastructure and data compliance

Isolate production environments and production data from specific roles and teams, or limit access to certain roles and teams. Enforce policies like ‘Developers must never see production data’ with ease.

Compliant process for onboarding and transferring employees

Ensure privileged access permissions stay up-to-date as individuals switch roles or leave the company.

Prohibit root access for all roles

Remoteler RBAC allows security administrators to remove the need to use root privileges. RBAC also separates SSH permissions management from server management.

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