Remoteler Machine ID

Give an identity to all your services

Extend identity-based access to IT Infrastructure and applications with Remoteler Machine ID. It’s the easiest way to issue, renew and manage X.509 and SSH certificates for microservices, CI/CD automation, databases, Kubernetes clusters, servers and all other forms of machine-to-machine access.

Challenges securing machine-to-machine access at scale

Managing machine-to-machine access at scale is time-consuming and complex. And most solutions leave security holes that make you susceptible to supply chain attacks.

Certificate issuance & rotation

Running a highly available, global CA for all your infrastructure is not easy.

Standardizing Access Controls

You have roles defined for engineers. But how do you apply those roles to a microservice or CI/CD pipeline?

Managing Dynamic Environments

Many machine-to-machine use cases are ephemeral, putting importance on full automation.

Why customers big and small trust Remoteler

By providing a unified identity-aware access solution for engineers and the applications they write, Remoteler Machine ID enables organizations to easily implement security and compliance without worrying about backdoors that outmoded solutions encourage.

Manage machine users at scale with minimal overhead.

Remoteler Machine ID vastly simplifies certificate management for IT infrastructure and applications just like Let’s Encrypt simplified TLS certificate management for websites. First, Machine ID provides a certificate-based identity to CI/CD workers, configuration management playbooks, microservices, service accounts, databases, servers or any other machine user. Next, these machine users automatically inherit the security and audit capabilities of Remoteler, dramatically reducing operational overhead and increasing compliance.

Automated CS for Machines

Machine ID has a Certificate Authority (CA) that automatically issues and renews SSH and X.509 certificates to facilitate machine-to-machine access, enabling security best practices such as frequent certificate rotations and the use of shorter TTLs.

Simple User Experience

It only takes two commands to create a machine user and generate a certificate. Or, you can fully automate the process so machine users can securely come and go as often as you need.

Unified Access Policy

Define, implement and update access policies for developers and machines all in one place. This simplicity reduces room for error and increases security and compliance.

The same identity-based access for engineers and applications

Remoteler Machine ID unifies access policies for engineers and the applications they write, reducing operational overhead and increasing security and compliance. All Remoteler capabilities like audit logs, session recordings, user revocation and more are automatically available to machine users.

Audit Logs

Achieve unprecedented visibility into infrastructure access for machine users so you can meet and exceed compliance objectives.

Session Recordings

Machine-initiated sessions across your entire infrastructure are recorded and stored in a storage solution of your choice. Session recordings are useful for forensic or educational purposes.

Access Termination

Instantly revoke machine user access any time with ease using a single command or automate revocation through integration with your SIEM.

Reduce blast radius of supply chain attacks

Automation is key to delivering software quickly, but it also opens up the threat of supply chain attacks that quickly go from compromised dependency to account takeover. By automatically implementing least privilege for all infrastructure resources and applications, Remoteler Machine ID enables you to leverage heavy automation for speed without having to worry about a compromised CI/CD worker taking over your infrastructure.

Role-based Access

Every machine session is protected with the same granular role-based access controls (RBAC) that apply to engineers. An intern shouldn’t have access to production. Neither should a hacked CI/CD worker.

Configurable TTL and Expiration

All machine users are assigned certificates with a configurable time-to-live (TTL) that automatically expires — no more forgetting to offboard a service.

IP-based Certificate Validation (coming soon)

Further harden your security posture by curating a list of IPs that can issue and use certificates.

Works with everything you have!

Remoteler relies on open standards such as X.509 certificates, HTTPS, SAML, OpenID connect and others. Deployed as a single binary, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your stack.

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