Access Plane

Remoteler Features

Remoteler Access Plane capabilities enable organizations to implement security, enforce compliance and reduce operational overhead.

Core Features

Certificate Auth for SSH & K8s

Managing static SSH keys can lead to increased operational overhead and may lead to security vulnerabilities. The industry best practice is to use certificate-based authentication for SSH and Kubernetes.

Audit Log

Restricting access and granting specific permissions through role-based access controls is the first step to securing your infrastructure. The next step is to log all activity across your infrastructure.

Session Recording

Privileged session recording, or SSH session recording, means recording the user’s actual screen during their SSH session for real-time or later playback.

Trust Federation

Remoteler’s “Trusted Clusters” capability allows organizations to partition their infrastructure and grant access to each other. Managed service providers and contract-based DevOps teams take advantage of Remoteler’s Trusted Clusters to manage servers for their clients.

Kubernetes Access Management

Remoteler works by being a unified gateway for both Kubernetes and SSH sessions. This allows to synchronize SSO, role-based access controls and audit logging for both protocols.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Remoteler integrates into an existing company identity management. This allows DevOps, developers and other end-users to access computing infrastructure via the same SSO policy.

Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is the practice of managing privileged access to infrastructure through a central directory of users, roles, and teams. Authorization is granted to groups (or roles) within a company directory.

IoT and Edge Connectivity

Remoteler provides access to SSH servers and Kubernetes clusters anywhere in the world, behind NAT. From restaurants to autonomous vehicles, no VPN required.

Machine ID

Extend identity-based access to IT Infrastructure and applications. Teleport Machine ID is the easiest way to issue, renew and manage X.509 and SSH certificates for your services.

Remoteler Connect

Traditional terminals are optimized for accessing localhost. Remoteler Connect offers enhanced user experience and identity-based access for engineers who work in the cloud.

Per-Session Multi-Factor Authentication

Easily implement Multi-Factor Authentication across your organization without relying on device management systems. Teleport MFA is designed for distributed teams and comes with a self-enrollment MFA portal.

Passwordless Access

Remoteler removes passwords, private keys and other secrets that can be shared, leaked, or stolen from your infrastructure and replaces them with more secure biometrics. Improve productivity and security with Passwordless Access.

How Remoteler Works

Remoteler enables secure access to SSH nodes, Kubernetes clusters, web apps, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases behind NAT. Remoteler is trivial to setup as a Linux daemon or in a Kubernetes pod. 

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